Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's get going!

This year already feels different, especially since I don't have an Ironman to train for.  I talked with my coach last night and we discussed what my racing schedule might be and what to work on this year to prepare me to ROCK Ironman Lake Placid in 2012!  After talking with my coach, I realized this year is going to be completely different than past years.  My training will be more concentrated to specific objectives like improving my overall running, open water swimming, and staying on top of my strength and core exercises.  One big thing that stands out from last year's training for two Ironman's was my health.  This may sound weird, but staying healthy while putting your body through so much training and fatigue is hard to do, and this is where a coach is worth their weight in gold.  Just having a coach doesn't guarantee that you'll stay healthy, but it takes both sides to communicate on how ones training is progressing whether it's too hard or not enough. 

Speaking of working out, I've been doing the TRX system workout and it is no joke!  I love this thing, especially since I can get a great full body workout in just 30 minutes.  I set the system up at my house and now my wife is doing it, but she didn't get as sore as I did the first time.  I haven't done lunges and squats in more than a year.  It should be interesting to see how this system will do for me over the season. 

So, now that the holiday's are over it's time to get back into the mix of training and enjoying life.  I'm very close to finalizing my race schedule and I'm anxious to get back to some local races I haven't done in a couple of years.

On another note, my son is playing basketball again this spring and he truly enjoys the sport!  I actually remember being his age and playing youth basketball, which is wierd, but it's great to see him out there trying his best and learning.  This is the first season that I haven't coached him in basketball, because I think it's important he be coached by other individuals besides his dad.

Do something fun today!



  1. Is TRX similar to P90X? I love P90X - lots of lunges...tons of core.

  2. Hey Reyna,
    I've never tried the P90X, but the TRX uses your own body weight for resistance. It really fires your core along with your muscles!

  3. It's only been a week and you're already jammed up...you must have lots of photos from this last week. Post them!